My left knee got a bruise from playing floor hockey. And sometimes it makes it hard to run? What is it?

A bruise is a bruise. If you fell and bruised your knee, then it can hurt for up to 2 weeks. If you injury was more severe than that, and you twisted it or wrenched it and caused a sprain or strain it can take longer to get better. If you have severe pain and trouble walking, get seen. Otherwise don't do things that hurt (pain means you are causing ongoing damage and delaying healing) until you are better.

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My left knee was hit yesterday next to kneecap while playing basketball. I can bend my knees, run, walk, etc. But it aches a bit?

Contusion. This sounds like a contusion/bruise. If just a bruise, you should recover within 1-2 weeks. Rest, ice and ibuprofen or naproxen can help reduce symptoms. Return to sports when the pain has resolved and you have no swelling. If I can be of help, then join my care team & virtual practice at Read more...

Left knee has a bone bruise. Its 6 weeks after incident/MRI and still in pain. How much longer can I expect to recover until I can play sports etc.?

Rest it. The less you use it, the faster it will heal. This is one case where you should not "suck it up" and return to sports too early. Continued stress on a weakened bone can lead to displaced intra articular fracture and premature arthritis. Go with protected weight bearing until there is no more pain, then it should be fully healed. Read more...