Will Soma (carisoprodol) show up on a drug test?

Depends. on whether they test for it. In some areas where abuse of carisoprodol is common (and it is one of the drugs that are "pushed" in pill mills (together with alprazolam/xanax) along with opioids. On routine 7 or 10 panel tests that look for opiates, benzos, cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, barbiturates, PCP etc) it is NOT tested for. It is, however, a highly abusable and dangerous drug.

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Can Soma (carisoprodol) show up in a 6 panel drug test?

Not likely. Soma (carisoprodol) is not specifically tested for. However, i wonder about the motivation of this question. Soma (carisoprodol) can be mis-used. Have a frank discussion with your doctor about it's proper use. Focus on getting help for your symptoms and not on obtaining a medication. You are in control of your health. Don't become dependent on a medication. Read more...