What will hydrocortisone acetate skin care do for you?

Mild topical steroid. Hydrocortisone acetate is a mild topical steroid good for treating mild eczema, itchy insect bites and contact dermatitis (think poison ivy). It is generally available over the counter and good for treating mild problems, more severe issues may need a more potent topical steroids that are prescription only.

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Will hydrocortisone acetate cream pigment the skin?

It may. This is not a very strong corticosteroid cream so most people will not experience pigment changes with use. Loss of pigment is much more common than increased pigment. Read more...

Does cortic-ds with hydrocortisone acetate cream pigment the skin?

No. Long term usage of potent topical steroids may depigment the skin. However Hydrocortisone is so mild that is unlikely to happen except in extreme cases. Read more...