What is the difference between hycodan (hydrocodone) and tussionex?

An allergy med. Both contain hydrocodone, a narcotic pain medicine that happens to be a great cough suppressant. Tussionex contains chlorpheniramine, an old allergy medication that tends to be very sedating (makes you sleepy) - but also can be drying for congestion / mucus mambranes. Hycodan only adds low dose homatropine - no benefit for symptoms, it just gives bad side effects if try to exceed recomm. Dose.

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What is the difference between hycodan (hydrocodone) and tussionex?

See below. Hycodan is hydrocodone plus homatropine methylbromide (an anticholinergic, which can decrease mucus production). Tussionex is hydrocodone plus chlorpheniramine (an antihistamine, which help with allergy symptoms).

Which of these are the strongest; tussionex or hycodan (hydrocodone)?

It depends. Tussionex is sustained release. It provides a gradual amnt of hydrocodone over 12 hrs. Hycodan is dosed on a shorter interval. If you took Hycodan q 4-6 hrs you'd receive a higher quantity of hydrocodone in total. Both medications however should be used only on an as needed basis. My advise would be to be less concerned about which one is strongest and use the one that is most effective.

Which of these cold meds are the most effective, tussionex or hycodan (hydrocodone)?

Depends. Neither is particularly effective. Recent tudies of cough medications have shown that codeine-containing cough medications work about as well as sugar pills (placebo) and other studies show hydrocodone equal to Codeine. Theoretically Hycodan (with an anticholinergic) should work better for productive coughs and tussionex (with an antihistamine) should work better if there's an allergy component.

I took 2 teaspoons of tussionex (hydrocodone 20mg/antihistamine) at 4pm today. Would it be okay to go ahead and drink?

No. 20 mg of hydrocodone is a good dose. No alcohol for 8 hours if I were you.
More like 12-24 hour. I would avoid alcohol and other agents tat may cause sedation for 12 to 24 hours after taking such a large dose of tussionex. Tussionex is long acting due to its constituent in the body.

I recently took a little bit more than a tablespoon of tussionex that contains hydrocodone (your supposed to take 1 or 2 teaspoons or something?

Depends on whether. It is really a tablespoon or not. Most tablespoons are actually 2 teaspoons (10 ml)-a real tablespoon is 3 teaspoons (15ml). This is unlikely to cause any significant harm, but you need to stick with the recommended doses, and if those don't work, talk to the prescriber about what to do next, instead of being your own doctor/pharmacist. Also, don't use alcohol or other sedatives with it.

How much hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine is present in 120 ml of tussionex?

Seek medical help! This is an extremely high dose which could be deadly. You should seek medical attention if you have ingested this medication or are considering it. It is recommended not to exceed a total of 10ml per 24 hour period. 10mg of hydrocodone in every 5ml. 8mg of chlorpheniramine in every 5ml. Based on 120ml that puts hydrocodone at 240mg and chlorpheniramine at 192mg.