How many iu's of humatrope (human growth hormone) should I per weekly. I weigh 170 pounds.?

Have no idea. Nor would I tell you if I did. That's for the physician who has diagnosed you as needing it, and who will determine the dose, which will be based on other factors than just your weight.

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What number of iu's of humatrope (human growth hormone) should I take weekly. I weigh 170 pounds.?

Probably 0. Human growth hormone (gh) should only be used for gh deficiency or childhood short stature. Even in children who have been on it don't usually continue in adulthood. Unless you have gh deficiency and are under a doctor's care, you should not take this. If you are taking it to bulk up, consider: growth can also = cancer. Google "acromegaly" (gh excess).

Does taking humatrope (human growth hormone) injections lead to better life quality?

For short stature? If used for short stature, then it depends on how the person feel about the height that might be gained from the drug. If being less short (results can vary) will make the person feel more positive about him/herself then that's better quality of life for him/her. The drug is not without serious side effects and is expensive, so a serious discussion is needed before starting.

When are you too old to take HGH injections like humatrope (human growth hormone) to gain height?

When epiphyses close. The long bones involved in height have a shaft (diaphysis), flare end (metaphysis), and epiphysis (end cap of bone). When the epiphysis closes, the bone length will no longer respond to heightening growth. But it is not a precise science. Two main bones that affect height are femur and tibia. Each one can close anywhere from age 15 to 22. Soc needs to see x-rays, growth curves and take full hx.

When is it too late to take HGH injections, such as humatrope, (human growth hormone) to grow in height?

Fused growth centers. After the growth centers of your long bones fuse, you cannot grow taller. This generally occurs around 16 in girls and 17-18 in boys.

What is the best time to inject humatrope (human growth hormone)?

No set time. The time of injection needs to be individualized, and optimal may vary from person to person. Prior question error. Was asked about side effects, hit recycle button by mistake. Side effects can include, allergic reaction to thengh or other ingredients in the Humatrope (human growth hormone) vial. Hypothyroidism, high blood sugar, particularly in diabetics. Certain disease, must not take it. These r only a few.

Please help! When is the best time to inject humatrope (human growth hormone)?

Evening. Evening is best because you are not rushed...If it is for a child some need the numbing medicine before which takes 30 minutes. We do most growing at night so I suggest evening. You can also check with the endocrinologist that prescribed it for you.

Pea-sized lump at humatrope (human growth hormone) injection site?

Irritation, allergy. One can have a local reaction that can be a lump; but another possibility is that the body is developing antibodies to the injected growth hormone. This is more serious, and can lead to more serious reactions with each injection. The treating physician needs to evaluate.