Why is there an increase in bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) during a chronic respiratory acidosis?

Kidneys compensate. Your body tries to buffer the increased carbon dioxide from chronic respiratory acidosis by increasing the bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) absorption from the kidneys to keep the body's pH near 7.4.

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Why need I increase bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) levels in respiratory acidosis?

Acid-base. Physiology is like a delicate balance. If one organ fails to carry its weight, another organ has to compensate. For your acid-base balance, bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) (regulated by the kidney) is one side of the balance, and co2 (the lungs responsibility) is the other. If the lungs allow you to accumulate too much co2, then the kidneys (if healthy) will make and retain more bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate). Read more...