Why is my eye hurting after a meatal antrostomy?

FLUID IN ANTRUM. When a meatal antrostomy is performed to drain this particular facial sinus, if an open procedure, the mucosal lining is removed and then fluid fills sinus under pressure. To prevent this a skin graft in placed into the sinus to re epithelialize it and prevent a large fluid build up. When the meatal procedure is performed open , no graft to line sinus and as such extra fluid forms.

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Please explain why is my eye hurting like mad after meatal antrostomy? Anyone can help?

People with. Sinusitis will get pain in the eye , due to poor drainage of lacremal fluid , you have middle meatal maxillary sinus drainage was done , no direct relation , swelling in the nasal cavity may be causing , speak to your surgeon , could be unrelated . Read more...