What is the difference between hemorrhagic shock & hypovolemic shock?

No. Hypovolemia is mostly from loss of volume that include body fluid, not drinking enough and haemorragic shock is from loss of blood volume loss. You can say that haemorragic shock is a type of hypovolemic shock due to blood loss. Treatment of hypovolemic shock differ depending on etiology. If its due to fluid loss, fluid replacement is the treatment.

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How are hemorrhagic shock and hypovolemic shock different?

Shock. Hemorrhagic shock occurs with a loss of blood and hypovolemic shock can occur with fluid losses, from diarrhea for example, without the loss of blood. Both have low BP and are caused by a volume deficit in the vascular system. Hypovolemic shock can be treated with IV fluids to increase the bp, while hemorrhagic shock needs to have blood transfused as well to increase the BP of the patient. Read more...

How are hemorrhagic shock and hypovolemic shock different?

See below . Basically hypo-volumic shock is caused by loss of electrolytes and water from the body. Hemmorhagic shock on the other hand suggests massive loss of blood. Read more...