What can I do about tooth heat sensitivity?

Sensitive tooth. I advise to check with your dentist.
Nerve involvement. When teeth become sensitive to heat it usually means that the nerve of the tooth is involved. A root canal will treat the nerve and eliminate the pain.
See a dentist. Severe hot sensitivity is more ominous than cold sensitivity and could mean that your tooth has irreversable puplitis and may requires a root canal. If your teeth are mildly hot and cold sensitive, there is a possibility that it is a reversable condition. If you recently had some dental work done and are haveing sensitivity, contact your dentist to eval.
Use Sensodyne first. The source of your sensitivity needs to be determined by a dentist first. It may simply be an exposed root that could easily be treated with a dentrifice like sensodyne. A root canal is only needed if there is irreversible damage to the nerve. Simply treating all sensitive teeth with root canals is like shooting flies with bazookas. Please see a dentist if a desensitizing paste does not work.

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Which disease could cause severe hip pain, muscle weakness, hair and tooth loss, & light & heat sensitivity?

Possible thyroid. You might have a thyroid problem. You should see your physician to get a physical and blood test.
Hypothyroidism. It's may be from the lower level of thyroid hormone in your body, get yourself checked..

Needing expert help. I have pain on the two teeth that they grinded down. Mainly cold and heat sensitivity. Why is this and how can a dentist fix this?

Hot and Cold. If the sensitivity lasts less than ten seconds with no residual dull ache or throbbing then it will get better with time however see your dentist to be sure. If the sensitivity lasts longer than ten seconds or you get a dull throbby ache that lasts a while then it can be fixed via root canal therapy.
Tooth sensitivity. We need more information. Were they 'ground down' for fillings? Crowns? Bite adjustment? When were they treated? Today? A few days ago? One month ago? Is it getting better, worse or the same over time? The answers determine the remedy, if any. It's not uncommon to have some temporary sensitivity following treatment. Call your dentist and ask your questions.