Why is atracurium used for both hepatic and renal failure patients?

Metabolism. Atracurium is a non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocker. It is metabolized via a process called Hoffmann elimination (ester hydrolysis which is independent of renal, hepatic or enzymatic function). Since you don't need the liver or kidney to metabolize the drug, it is a paralytic often used for patients with renal and/or hepatic failure.

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Why atracurium is used in both hepatic and renal failure patients?

Atracurium use. The reason atracurium can be used in hepatic and renal failure patients is because the breakdown process is not dependent on kidney are liver function. The drug is broken down through a process called the hoffman eleimination that is independent of organ activity. However, the main metabolite is laudanosine and it can acumulate in elderly renal and liver failure patients. Read more...