Do the 9/11 workers have emphysema after all that clean up?

Yes. Some of the 9/11 responders have gone on to develop certain kinds of pulmonary(lung) diseases; but it depends upon the nature of their pre-existing health and what exactly they were exposed to and for what length of time they were subjected to it. A big factor (which garnered a lot of media attention )was the lack of protective gear/respirators/masks on site during the tragic events of 9/11.
More of Asthma. In 9/11 workers researchers found increased incidence of sinusitis, asthma, cough and ptsd. Fdny researchers found increased rate of copd/emphysema in 9/11 firefighters - up to 7.6 %.
No. They have been described as having obstructive bronchiolitis which is in the smallest airways and different from emphysema. It can still cause significant breathlessness and impair performance though.