Why does my jaw click when I open and close my mouth?

TMD. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. Get a consult with your local General Dentist, Orthodontist or Oral Surgeon.
TMJ disk out. TMJ disk out of position. No treatment indicated if otherwise no problems. If you have locking or limited movement, "ear" pain, headaches, morning jaw stiffness/soreness, difficulty chewing, bruxism, previous jaw injuries other other jaw conditions, is more serious. Then see a TMJ specialist.

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Why does my jaw click when I open my mouth wide and what can do to cure it?

TMJ is source. Temporomandibular joint is where the jaw bone connects with the skull, and clicking comes from this site. If associated with pain in the area, grinding of teeth during sleep see an oral surgeon or dentist for help. Read more...
TMJ expert. The disk in your jaw joint is out of position. If your only symptoms are the clicking, no treatment indicated. If the noise is loud and troubles you, or you have other symptoms like jaw pain, painful chewing, limited oral opening or headache, see a TMJ specialist. Read more...