Why does a lack of parathyroid hormones cause hypocalcemia?

Parathyroid/calcium. Because the parathyroid hormones are needed to keep the calcium control in the skeleton under control. Please go online to "www.clevelandclinic meded.com" and look for hypoparathyroid and hypocalcemia. It is a bit tough to understand at first but the information will get through to you I'm sure. There other similar articles on the web that you can look at.

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How does a lack of parathyroid hormone cause hypocalcemia?

Calcium from bones. Most of the calcium in your body is in your bones. Parathyroid hormone releases ca from your bones to maintain a constant blood level. With most hormone deficiencies, we give back the missing hormone (eg. Diabetes, insulin). But PTH is not available as a treatment. So hypopara is treated with vit d, ca, and other meds. It is hard to regulate, and you need a doc experienced with this. Read more...