If I feel fatigued could I possibly have pulmonary embolism?

Poss. but unlikely. The symptoms of fatigue can have many possible causes and most of these potential causes are more common than a pulmonary embolism (pe) being the cause. A pe usually causes sudden and severe shortness of breath, or death. More likely causes of fatigue include poor sleep, thyroid disorders, anemia, blood sugar issues, stress, anxiety, depression, infections, etc. Follow up with your doctor.
Fatigue alone?... Do you have any risk factors for pulmonary embolism? There are some patients who have pe asymptomatically but they usually, have some risk factor. Risk factors include things like prolonged immobility, trauma, congenital clotting defects, etc. You should see your doctor asap or go to an er if you think you might have this, especially if you have any other symptoms like acute shortness of breath.
Any risk factor? Fatigue can happen in any diseases. If you feel fatigued and have symptoms such as breathing problem, rapid heart rate, or have the risk factors such as prolonged trip, bed rest for long time, pregnancy, inherited blood disease, history of blood clot in legs, on birth control pill or hormone, cancer, or recent surgery, see your doctor soon. Age risk:every 10 years of age after 60 doubles the risk.
Any risk factor? Patients with pulmonary embolism are more than fatigued. There is often fast heart rat, fast breathing rate, shortness of breath' chest pai, coughing up blood and other symptoms. Fatigue alone is non-specific and can happen with anything.