I want to have a fraxel laser treatment on my severe acne scars. Is this effective?

Fraxel for acne scar. The fraxel laser is very effective for treating acne scars if used aggressively. It requires several treatments but you can go to work without any downtime. For faster results in one treatment with downtime use the pixel or fractionated co2 laser or the erbium lasers.
FRAXEL TREATMENTS. Fraxel laser treatments can work but they will have to be repeated. .Expensive. Check with the fraxel doctor, look at before-and-after pictures of what he or she can do.
Yes. The fraxel re:pair can be effective, but in creating improvement, not correction, of acne scars.
Moderate. Fraxel is effective on scar but it can not go away. You may need more agresive treatment such as skin grafting, co2 laser resurfacing and/or fat grafting with stem cells.