Can fluocinonide. 05 cream be used with triamcinolone acetate 1% ointment for eczema?

Depends. They shouldn't be used at the same time on the same area, but sometimes you need a stronger one (fluocinolide) on one area and a weaker one (triamcinolone) in a different area.

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Eczema on leg 2+ yrs. Almost gone then returns. Prescription triamcinolone. 25 &. 10. Now fluocinonide.05% -no help. She's gp, no derma drs in area. Any ideas?

Drug Eruption/Eczema. You are on chemotherapy and some other meds, and your rash may be due to allergy to drugs you are taking, or eczema the treatment of eczema is moisturisers immediately after bathing and steroid cream used topically, which you are using but there is no relief.Sometimes we use short course of oral steroids discuss with your doctor your optins. Read more...