Which test is more conclusive: an mra of the brain or an angiogram?

Brain angio. An MRA of the brain is very robust. With MR you can have a 3-dimensional picture of the vascular anatomy. MR does not have any radiation, the contrast less commonly has adverse reaction and is noninvasive. The only compelling reason not to do MR is if you have other contraindications or need actual intervention (ex. embolization)

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Since coiling of brain aneurysm year ago, I have had 3 MRA (without contrast)which showed occlusion. Should I be having a CT angiogram in the future?

Brain aneurysm . If the aneurysm is completely occluded one year after coiling then it is very unlikely that the coils will become compacted and the aneurysm will recur. CT angiography requires contrast dye which is contraindicated in people with iodine allergy or kidney disease. Sometimes CTA can give better resolution than MRA and visa versa. Discuss with your neurosurgeon the best imaging study for you. Read more...