Which ointment is best for eczema?

Vanicream. I really like Vanicream but Cetaphil and Eucerin are all good options. In addition avoid long hot showers and harsh and drying cleansers like Ivory, Irish Spring, or Lever 2000. Apply fragrance-free moisturizer like Vanicream immediately after shower to damp skin. For break-through itch Sarna lotion can be added. Topical steroid ointments are prescribed depending on severity of eczema flare.

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Which corticosteroid ointment is best for eczema.

Depends on Severity. For mild eczema you might be able to get away with just over the counter hydrocortisone. For mild eczema desonide is great, can be used on face. For moderate eczema I like triamcinolone. Talk to your physician so that you know what level of severity of eczema you have and what topical corticosteroid ointment is best for you. Make sure to moisturize daily with fragrance free moisturizure. Read more...