Which drug is best to stop clozapine and to reduce the withdrawal cholinergic rebound?

See ur Doctor. stopping Clozapine is a Major decision in any treatment plan, it is taken very seriously by the treating physician and all risks and benefits are weighed carefully , it cant be done over the net, you have to see your prescribing physician and discuss with him the issue. good luck and feel better.

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Do you know which drug is best to stop clozapine, and to reduce withdrawal cholinergic rebound?

Requires expert care. Withdrawing from clozapine may come with *many* potential consequences. I hope you have someone with sufficient expertise to help with the process. The anticholinergic withdrawal syndrome (AWS) is often described as flu-like malaise. Brain-permable anticholinergic meds like benztropine (Cogentin) or scopolamine would be reasonable treatments for AWS. This should be undertaken w a psychiatrist. Read more...