Where can I go to treat a benign tumor?

To your doctor. Benign tumors are treated by surgeons. So go see a surgeon. You family doctor or PCP can find a surgeon for you if you first see him/her or make contact by phone.
If benign see GP. If a lesion has been proven to be benign and is not bulky and interfering with function, then it may be watched after bx by the GP or general surgeon who may have done the bx. If the lesion is bulky such as a benign schwannoma of the retroperitoneum , a bulky lipoma or a large benign desmoid of chest wall it may still have to be removed and as such an experienced surgeon should be seen.

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Please help docs! Where can I go to treat a benign tumor that nobody else will treat?

Confusing question. Why would you ever want treatment for a benign condition? If the word tumor bothers you, have your doc explain what benign means. In short, you can die of natural causes a hundred years from now and the tumor not be a factor. Any such treatment would potentially expose you to more risk and financial loss than leaving it alone. Read more...