About how much does it cost to get one lazy eyelid lift?

Depends on location. Different area of the country may have different rates. In my practice the cost is about $1400.00 and is performed under strict local anesthesia since patients cooperation is key to obtain perfect symetry.
Varies. Insurance? Varies alot. Call around. Insurance sometimes covers the procedure. Make sure you are treated by an eye doc or facial plastic surgeon.
Depends . If the lazy eyelid is blocking part of your vision, it can be covered by insurance. The testing to determine this is painless and can be done in most ophthalmologists' offices. If the droop is not blocking your vision, you can expect to pay $1500-2000 for the surgeons fee; there will also be a facility fee and am anesthesia fee if you have the procedure done in a surgery center.
$2500-10,000. This will vary according to technique, technology, implants, anesthesia, time, etc.
Insurance may pay if. If your lid is over your pupil, interfering with the vision in your superior visual field, insurance will usually pay for it. You will have to have a visual field test and pre-operative photos.