How to avoid extreme weight gain after overcoming anorexia?

Dietician. Work with a dietician to advise on diet plan. Work with treatmetn team to follow your wt (you don't have to see it).
Eat on meal plan. This problem is more common than you think. I have blogged extensively on two aspects of this. One aspect is covered at http://www.Kartiniclinic.Com/blog/post/what-happens-when-the-weight-comes-back/ and another at http://www.Kartiniclinic.Com/blog/post/eating-too-much/.

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How to avoid extreme weight gain after anorexia cure?

Proper self image. The cure for anorexia requires correction of a flawed "self image" and correction of the medical problems caused by the anorexia. Psychotherapy is usually important to identify what might have triggered your fear of weight gain. Once that is resolved, a focus on healthy foods like vegetables, grains, protein will help. Continued counseling is important to maintain healthy weight and attitude. Read more...
Anorexia. I do agree with dr. Kuhn, but i believe it is very important to know that anorexia is not really "cured".I believe there is a genetic predisposition to eating disorders, just like alcohol and drug addiction but, with eating disorders, it can be even more difficult because one "could completely stop alcohol and drugs" but a patient must learn to live with "eating" and see expert drs. And therapists. Read more...