Does being exposed to second hand smoke occasionally make me vulnerable to get cancer?

Yes, possible. That is the reason smoking is not allowed in public places to prevent exposure to second hand smoking, ti non smokers.

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Does being exposed to second hand smoke make me a little or a lot more vulnerable to get cancer?

A little. About 11, 000 cases/year of cancer in the us are attributable to second hand tobacco smoke, compared to about 400, 000 from smoking.
Yes. Second hand smoke is a risk factor for developing lung cancer and other respiratory disorders.

Can you let me know how many people exposed to second hand smoke get cancer?

Secondhand smoke... From the us national cancer institute: at least 69 chemicals in secondhand smoke cause cancer. Secondhand smoke causes lung cancer in nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke has also been associated with heart disease, sudden infant death syndrome, ear infections, and asthma attacks. There is no safe level of exposure. Approximately 3, 000 lung cancer deaths occur each year in the us from sedondhand smoke.

Of the total of people who are exposed to second hand smoke, how many of them would get cancer?

It is. Clearly a risk, but the measure is of tyhise exposed versus those not exposed, and cases observed versus expected. Epidemiologist don not provide straight answers, or answer questions with simple answers.

If I have been exposed to second hand smoke all my life, is there a good chance i'll get cancer?

Higher than normal. Not a "good" chance but higher than if you had not been exposed, about 10, 000 people in the us get lung cancer attributable to second hand smoke compared to over 400, 000 cases per year in smokers.
A group. Exposed to second hand smoke is much more likely than a group that isn't. Ergo, we don't allow smoking in places where people come together. But while individuals make up groups, it does not forecast what will happen to any member of either group.

How many people exposed to second hand smoke get lung cancer?

11, 000/year in US. About 11, 000 cases/year of cancer in the us are attributable to second hand tobacco smoke, compared to about 400, 000 from smoking.
A lot. 3000 lung cancer deaths in the us in non-smokers as a result of second hand smoke. Living with a smoker increases lung cancer risk by 20-30%.

Has anyone who never smoked/never exposed to second hand smoke get lung cancer?

Yes. Not all lung cancer is due to smoke exposure. Other causes include radon exposure, asbestos exposure, etc.
Yes. Incidence of lung cancers in non smokers is very low. The great majority of lung cancers are smoking related. In my own practice of over 900 lung cancers I have cared for, 5 patients never smoked or were continuously exposed to cigarette smoke. One patient was 23y/o when treated.
Yes, unfortunately. Not all people who have lung cancer are smokers. 99% of small cell lung cancer patients are smokers. However, the incidence of people who are non smoker to get non small cell lung cancer is higher.

Is it possible for me get lung cancer if I spoked 30 yr ago and was exposed to second hand smoke for first 5 years of life?

Unfortunately yes. You can get lung cancer even if you never smoked, or had no exposures. Of course, smoking and exposures increase your risk.
Yes. 2nd hand smoke is a rare cause of lung cancer. The risk of cancer drops every year you are separated from smoking but never goes away completely. Of the last 1000 patients I've seen with lung cancer - only 5 had never smoked personally.
Yes. If aged 55-74 consider asking your doctor about the role for screening low dose chest ct.
Yes. 15% of smokers (>100 cigarettes in a lifetime) develop lung cancer. 80% of all lung cancer is caused by smoking. Additionally, numerous other diseases and cancers are related to smoking. Please, speak with your family physician for comprehensive health maintenance. Risks factors: http://goo. Gl/gu9ms screening guidelines: http://goo. Gl/oqvsp.

Could I get lung cancer from second hand smoke?

Yes. Stay away from places where people smoke and insist that smokers in your household go out to do it. Be rude if you have to, it can save your life.
Yes you are at risk. 2nd hand smoke, or environmental tobacco smoke, is estimated to cause about 20% of the lung cancers in people who have never smoked. It is important to avoid exposure as much as possible at home and in your workplace.

Is it possible for baby to get lung cancer from second hand smoke?

Possible. Second hand smoke is a known risk factor in lung cancer development. Your baby, if exposed, definitely is at a higher risk of lung cancer development but it is hard to tell whether he or she will develop it and, if so, when. It also depends on the genetic make up of the person.
No. There are no studies to show that, although there many cases of lung cancer in non- smokers. Exposure to second hand smoking increase the risk of asthma, allergies, ear infections and many other problems.
Not your baby, Who will have increase in asthma, pneumonia and respiratory illness, buth the child that grow up to be an adult might. By this I mean that the exposure may initiate the damage that takes many, many years to manifest. Do not expose your child or any one else to tobacco smoke.