Can a urinary tract infection affect the baby in my womb?

Yes. It depends....The infection itself is not an issue, but if you have a fever, or a severe form of urinary infection, the fever may affect the baby. If you have a simple bladder infection, that is common, and not usually a problem.
Yes. Average bladder infections do not affect the baby, and this is what most women have. These are detected by going to the OB visits and telling them about any new symptoms. However, if the infection becomes severe, or goes from the bladder up to the kidneys, it can cause premature contractions and in that way it can indirectly affect the baby.
If goes to kidneys. Urinary tract infections, if confined to the bladder &treated promptly with antibiotics, should not harm the baby.There is considerable risk of going into labor early and baby having low birth weight if UTI reaches the kidneys & pyelonephritis develops, so get urine tested if u have pain or burning with urination, need to urinate more often (normal in pregnancy), foul unine smell, fever or wetting.

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Is the medicine for urinary tract infection harmful to the baby inside the womb?

The physician will. Prescribe antibiotics that are alright for pregnancy. That is why it is important to tell your doctor if you are or believe you might be pregnant. Read more...