Is radio frequency ablation (rfa) any better than evlt?

RFA vs EVLT. Both treatment are very effective. Evlt uses laser heat and rfa used radiofrequency heat. Rfa is associated with a little less pain & bruising after the procedure, but both treatment have minimal recovery time. Both are done in a doctors office and treat varicose vein disease associated with venous reflux. Radiofrequency ablation tends to be a little more expensive due the the cost of the device.
No. If you compare rf with the newest high wavelength endovenous lasers that use radial fibers, there is no difference, although laser is usually a little less expensive.
EVLT v VNUS. EVLT uses laser energy and the amount of energy can be adjusted depending on the circumference of the vein. RFA or VNUS Closure has a preset temperature guide and is not adjustable. We use both in our practice but I prefer EVLT because it causes less pain, bruising and inflammation in the post procedure period.