Will topamax (topiramate) and esgic plus work for tension headaches?

Different Goals. Topamax (topiramate) is used to prevent headaches-esgic is used as a rescue drug when the headaches occur. If the esgic is used regularly, it can trigger medication overuse headaches which become more difficult to treat than the original headache.

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Aura and daily tension headache, vomit. Does topamax (topiramate) work for it? What is the safe mg a day?

Migraine and TTH. share common triggers such as stress, mental tension, fatigue, lack of sleep, alcohol, and menstruation. Because of overlapping features between these two disorders, many researchers believe that TTH and migraine are not discrete clinical entities but may represent different points on a continuum of headache severity with TTH at one end and migraine at the other. For Topamax (topiramate) see a physician. Read more...