Do enlarged ovaries mean cancer?

They do not have to. Ovaries might be naturally large, or they might be enlarged because of like ovarian cysts, or conditions like polycystic ovaries. This would have problems like chronic anovulation, normal to increased testosterone, and lh/fsh ratio. But cancer should be ruled out, especially in older patients with pain, bloating, and weight gain. A ca=125, pelvic exam, and transvaginal us are initial tests.
Not necessarily. Most women with enlarged ovaries don't have ovarian cancer. However, if ovaries are abnormally enlarged, a certified specialist should investigate the cause(s).

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Do cysts and enlarged ovaries mean cancer?

Usually not. Cysts of the ovary are very common and most are not cancerous. However, many cancers of the ovary are also cystic and any cysts that are associated with ovarian enlargement need to be investigated to rule out cancer. Read more...