What is the recovery for endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty like?

About 2 to 3 weeks. Endoscopic sinus surgery associated with a septoplasty takes about 2 to 3 weeks to heal. The healing process is dependent on the extent of the pathology in your sinuses and the extent of the surgical procedure. Your sinus surgeon will have the answers to your questions.
Days/weeks. Septoplasty, surgery for a deviated septum, and endoscopic sinus surgery can help improve nasal breathing, congestion, or snoring for appropriate patients. The initial healing is relatively quick, with patients commonly back to work within a few days. Patients are still healing after this period, but have more or less returned to daily function.
Variable. Usually the days you are packed are rough because only breathing by mouth. I only pack one night so i try to minimize discomfort for my patients. Once packs are out just a bit swollen and raw in your nose and esp. At the tip. Moisture is important during that time. With my minimally invasive techniques, patients are surprised as to how quickly they recover. More details at www.Socalsinus.Com.

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Functional endoscopic sinus surgery and septoplasty biopsy report says chronic polynomial rhinosinusitis with native bony septum. What does that mean?

Sinus infection. The term "polynomial" is probably supposed to be "poly microbial", but basically it sounds like you simply had a sinus infection, which is the main indication to get that surgery. Individual circumstances may vary and you should always review your lab results with your own physician. Read more...
FESS path report. That is the pathology report confirming you suffered from sinusitis and that some of the septal bone was removed. Read more...