What treats rheumatic fever?

Penicillins/rest. rheumatic fever occurs after strep throat.it is treated with penicillin to eradicate the strep but it is considered an immune reaction after strep.So symptomatic treatment with rest and close follow up by your doctor including blood work is important.

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If someone has had Rheumatic Fever in the past and they get Strep again, do they have a recurrence if they treat Strep within a week or so?

Strep. You could develop recurrent rheumatic fever from a strep infection, but prompt treatment is the best way to avoid it. If you have rheumatic heart disease or history of glomerulonephritis, taking permanent penicillin prophylaxis would be recommended although it's not as effective for prevention of glomerulonephritis. A specialist in infectious diseases could answer your question best,however. Read more...