Do endocrinologists perform the test that confirms hypoglycemia?

Yes. In a non diabetic person, suspected hypoglycemia needs to be confirmed with a fasting test. Because of the risks, the test has to done in a hospital, where the patient can be monitored. When and if the blood sugar drops, the Insulin is measured, to understand whether the condition is cause by unregulated Insulin secretion.
Hypoglycemia. We diagnose hypoglycemia if a patient has (1) appropriate symptoms of hypoglycemia, (2) documented low blood sugar, either by fingerstick or lab test, and (3) appropriate positive response (resolution of symptoms) with administration of glucose/sugar. Can be confirmed by an oral glucose tolerance test, performed in a lab.

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How do endocrinologists perform the test that confirms hypoglycemia?

72 hour fast. If they are looking for an Insulin producing tumor ( insulinoma), you may be asked to fast for a maximum of 72 hours. If and when you develop hypoglycemia during that time, labs will be drawn to determine the cause. Read more...