What kinds of ACL surgery are there?

Different graft type. The ACL is typically reconstructed (replaced) rather than repaired. We typically reconstruct the ligament with a graft. The graft choice is often individualized to the patient. The three most common graft choices are a portion of the patellar tendon (bone patellar tendon bone), a piece of the hamstring tendon, or a graft from a cadaver (allograft). They all work well in the appropriate patient.
Multiple options. ACL's are most commonly reconstructed today. There has not been a lot of success with repairing the torn ligament. Most commonly reconstructions are done arthroscopically although there are still people doing open ACL reconstructions. The most common varying factor is the type of graft used. The three most common grafts used are hamstring tendons, patella tendons, or donor grafts. .