What is the best way to prevent allergies?

Avoidance. At times becomes rather impossible, you can easily avoid foods / drugs that cause allergies if you know the culprit food / drug, but for inhalants, pollens and the like, sometimes environmental control isn't easy, check with an allergist, check aaaai.org or acaai.org for an allergist in your area, good luck.

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How do I find what's the best way to prevent allergies?

A very open question. but in short, we don't know unless we get exposed, if we know that we are allergic to something, food, medicine or pollen for instance, avoidance is the best strategy then, if we can't, then certain medicines for whatever disease is caused by the exposure, such asthma or rhinosinusitis, is the way to prevent complications, certain patients would benefit from desensitization, good luck. Read more...

What is the best way to prevent dog allergies?

Sorry.. avoid them. The cure for any allergy is to avoid the item....If you already own a dog keeping it out of the bedroom can help...As well as wiping it off with a damp paper towel once or twice a day..But if you have significant symptoms see an allergist to discuss other ideas. Read more...