Does drinking too much water cause my bladder to leak?

No. I assume you mean you are having some incontinence, where you are letting out small amounts of urine when you do not intend to. This can have many causes, but just drinking water or too much water isn't a cause, its just unmasking the problem. You need to see your pcp, ob/gyn or a urologist if its a problem. If you have had childbirth, this is a common cause, but there are many others.
No. In older man with benign hypertrophy of the prostate, drinking too much water will lead him to urinate more frequently. In young men with normal prostate, urine will not leak, but they will experience bladder is full and urge to urinate. My practice is limited to surgery and self-healing meditation to treat cancers and chronic illnesses as a secondary support management of complementary medicine.