Are there any exercises the help with urinary incontinence?

Squeeze before Sneez. Some women find it difficult to locate their kegel muscles. Think about what you do when in an elevator and you don't want to pass gas? That's right you keep your tummy muscles soft and tighten your bottom. Those muscles close your urethra so urine doesn't leak (and also your vaginal opening for improved sex). Practice a few times a day. So remember when you feel a cough or a sneeze... Squeeze.
Yes. Kegel exercises can be helpful if performed on a regular basis. Basically just squeeze your pelvic muscles as if you are trying to hold in gas. Squeeze for about 3-5 seconds at a time. Repetitions of about 20 squeezes several times a day can be effective. If you need help with exercises consult with health care provider.
Kegel's. The problem is, most women can't do an intense enough kegel exercise. I've found that physical therapy, combined with neocontrol therapy works best with 75-80% improvement without surgery. Neocontrol was fda approved in 1999 & employs a magnet to passively improve muscle tone from the lower abdomen to thighs, including the pelvic floor muscles.
Yes. Kegel exercises are the classic exercise for women with urinary incontinence. Basically, while sitting in a chair, contract the muscles at the bottom of your pelvis back & forth as if trying to control your bladder & then release. Do this several times in a sitting, several times a day. This is a good 1st line therapy for stress, urge, or mixed incontinence but it doesn't always work.
Yes. As stated above, women can practice tightening the "hold it in" muscles for about 5 seconds. Do this 3 times a day (it can be done at work). This will work for "stress incontinence", which is a common issue in women who have delivered vaginally (symptoms include losing urine if you cough/sneeze/laugh). For men, or people with other causes, this won't work and you should see your physician.

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How long should it take for urinary incontinence to stop with doing Kegel exercises?

Here are some ... No one can predict how soon stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after radical prostatectomy (RP) may improve or last even under Kegel exercise; it may take weeks, months, or years; by the end of 2 yrs after RP, some 3-5% of men may still have SUI, for which additional procedure to correct /improve it may be required. Nonetheless, Kegel exercise may help to a degree... Read more...
At least 12 weeks. I usually tell patients 12 weeks of any type of physical therapy techniques including Kegels before you will begin to see improvement. Read more...

Can I perform Kegel Exercise to get hard erection & increase penis girth? Although I don't have any urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercises. will not increase penis girth. If you believe your erections are not what they need to be please see your doc. He/she can run tests on hormones and blood flow. Please suggest a full male hormone panel, not just testosterone. Peace and good health. Read more...