Is there an alternative to urinalysis strip diastix of bayer (aspirin)?

Blood glucose tests. Diastix measure glucose in urine. This is a very inaccurate picture of what is going on in the blood stream, as the urine being tested may have been produced hours ago. Self blood glucose monitoring, using a small blood specimen, is much more accurate. It is the standard followed by most diabetic patients.

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Are diastix (bayer) urinalysis strips acurate in diagnosing diabetes?

NO. Diabetes is diagnosed when fasting blood sugar is over 125. Diastix detect sugar in the urine which occurs only when the blood sugar is over 180, so it would miss a lot of cases. Also, if someone has eaten a lot of sweets or other carbs, their blood sugar might go over 180 for a brief time, but return to normal quickly, so they aren't diabetic, but diastix would show sugar in the urine.

Please tell me, could Bayer (aspirin) migraine reduce swelling?

Has Aspirin. In it, so that is an anti-inflammatory that can reduce swelling. Consult your doctor to make sure there isn't any contraindication for you. It also contains caffeine and tylenol (acetaminophen) as well.

Can the Bayer aspirin help heart attacks?

Heart attack. We use Aspirin in the treatment of heart attack along with a lot of other medicines. Bayer (aspirin) is a trade name for an Aspirin brand.
All aspirin can. It doesn't really matter the brand, Aspirin inhibits platelet "stickiness" and thus limits the size of a blood clot and extent of heart attack. It may also prevent the heart attack, a stroke or a few other blood clot problems. All Aspirin should be taken with food, and not at bedtime, because of risk of stomach ulcers. Avoid enteric coating if taking 81 mg dose, but ok at higher doses.