What can cause an elevated alpha fetoprotein level?

Different diseases. In pregnancy, elevated alpha fetoprotein levels in a woman's serum can indicate fetal abnormalities, like neural tube defects (spina bifida) or ventral wall defects like omphalocele. Outside pregnancy the levels can be elevated in liver cancer or cancer of the germ cells (ovary, testes).

Related Questions

Can dehydration cause slightly elevated alpha fetoprotein?

Dehydration and labs. Dehydration can raise some blood values. Most notably, sodium, chloride, BUN and creatinine are elevated due to less water in the blood. Likewise, Alpha fetoprotein can also be elevated and you would have to see how how the elevation is and how the severe the patient's dehydration was at the time the blood sample was taken. Ask the physician who ordered the test for her input. Read more...

What can cause low AFP (alpha fetoprotein) levels in a pregnant woman?

Low AFP. Low AFP is associated with Down's syndrome, but some women do have a low AFP that is unexplained. At 39 you should have already been offered a level 2 ultrasound and genetic testing. If you don't feel comfortable with having an amniocentesis, a cell free dNA test can be done through your blood. Read more...