Is it safe to take rogaine (minoxidil) and procerin during puberty to block dht?

Unknown. This hasn't been studied, to my knowledge, but i'd guess Dht is pretty important during puberty, so it's probably not a good idea to block it during that critical phase. That said, there is no adequate data on the extent to which procerin blocks Dht (if at all), nor do we know exactly how rogaine (minoxidil) works. But personally, I wouldn't take the chance. And why would you want to do it anyway?

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Is it possible that taking rogaine (minoxidil) and procerin during puberty to block DHT be bad for you?

Oral? Procerin is a natural drug which will inhibit the 5 Alpha reductase enzyme, thus preventing testosterone from converting to dht. It hasn't been studied in kids and I can't vouch for adult studies. Dht is necessary for masculinization. Without enough of it, breast tissue could develop, but no one knows if procerin causes it in kids. Rogaine (minoxidil) topically should be discussed with a dermatologist.