How safe are ritalin, (methylphenidate) dexedrine, or Adderall for add/adhd?

Very. If taken as prescribed and followed by a physician with training in this area of medicine these medications are generally safe and effective.
Amer Acad Peds. The amer acad of ped published practice standards for diagnosis & treatment of adhd in children & adolescents in 2000, updating them in 2011. Both times the recommendation is that the pediatrician must recommend the use of a stimulant medication with targeted outcomes in a properly diagnosed adhd person. These are among the safest & most effective medications used today. See my health files.
Stimulants for adhd. Very safe as long as you follow your doctor's advise & recommendations regarding followup monitoring.
Safe. These meds have been used for a long, long time in countless patients. Safety is very good, even though they are misused at times. Proper dosing & monitoring are necessary. So is consistent use, and good communication with md. An experienced expert in treating adhd will make them extremely safe.
They are the safest. psychotropic medications we have, the longest used & the most studied. Methylphenidate preparations have been long-acting since 2000, Amphetamine products shortly thereafter,.allowing for a single AM dose, Each has an 80% chance of managing ADHD symptoms & a 20% chance of side effects. Titration to an optimal dose for each patient requires good doctor-patient communication &, sometimes, patience.