What are granulocytes?

White blood cells. Specifically, the neutrophils (kill bacteria), eosinophils (kill worms) and basophils (nobody's sure). They're your friends and the granules are high-powered weaponry that kills invaders.

Related Questions

What happens when granulocyte level increase in human blood?

Rise in WBC. Granulocytes, a type of white blood cell, are involved in fighting bacterial infection. It is normal for their number to increase in that setting. Granulocytes will also go up with exposure to corticosteroids (drug such as prednisone) and will increase therapeutically with administration of g-csf (drugs Neupogen and Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) for example). Any symptoms are from the reason for the increase. Read more...

What can cause low absolute granulocytes and low absolute basophils enosinophils and monocytes and should I be worried?

Depends. On a short term basis a viral process can explain this. However, if this is persistent other hematological or infectious reasons need to be explored. Read more...