How old is too old to have a kidney transplanted?

No precise age. The question is perhaps best answered when the risks of the procedure outweigh the benefits. This occurs at different ages for different patients. It can be a vexing problem if patients are unrealistic about their rehabilitation potential and their goals. It is not common for a kidney transplant to be done over age 75 but a few are done each year, even for healthy octogenarians.
Age is just a number. Many years ago, most programs used to set the age limit at 65. However, there are many patients who may be in their mid to late 60s or in early 70s who are very functional and otherwise healthy and they may be a renal transplant candidate.
No one is too old. In my honest opinion, no one is too old to have a kidney transplant so long as it is medically and surgically indicated and they had pre-operative medical and surgical clearance by their specialist. I would refer you to our healthtap specialist or renal transplant team of specialists to confirm my opinion. My practice is limited to surgery and self-healing meditation to treat cancers.