If I have an enlarged heart and kidneys leaking protein (48 years old), what are my options?

Symptoms. You should discuss with your doctor your situation. The cause(s) of the heart and renal abnormalities will dictate the treatment and the prognosis. The options will be part of your consultation and you should be sure you get a description and discussion of your problems and options.

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Given an enlarged heart and kidneys leaking protien at 48 what are my options?

Heart and protein. You need to see both a cardiologist (c) and a nephrologist (n). An echocardiogram should be ordered and any hypertension, either essential or pulmonary, need to be treated, if present. A n can get a 24 hour urine to see the quantity of urine in it and can assess you for the cause of it, say diabetes or glomeruloneprhritis, among other causes. You should see a n and c as soon as possible. Read more...