How long is the recovery time from a kidney transplant?

Kidney + pt matter. All kidneys + all recipients are not equal. The underlying condition of the patient, + the quality of the kidney (does it work right away or is dialysis needed before it starts working?) play key roles in determining the recovery time. In the best circumstance, with a live donor kidney (these almost always work immediately) + a strong patient, return to non-physical work may be possible in 4-6 wks.
Recovery Time. Patients usually remain hospitalized for 3-5 days. After discharge, they get monitored in the post-transplant clinic (usually weekly clinic visits and blood work). Staples at the site of the surgery are usually removed after 3 weeks. Ureteral stent is usually removed by cystoscopy at 4-6 weeks post-Tx.
Maybe 4 weeks. I am not a renal transplant surgeon. My guess would be about 4 weeks recovery if everything goes well post-operatively and no complications. I would refer you to our healthtaps specialists or renal transplant surgeon for correct answer. My practice is limited to neurosurgery and self-healing meditation to treat cancers and chronic illnesses as a secondary support management of complementary medicin.