How safe is pediatric surgery?

Safe. It is safer for children than an adult general surgeon who only does children occasionally. It is very important that the pediatric surgeon work with a qualified pediatric anesthesiologist.
Depends. It just depends on the type of surgery that is being done; ideally most children's surgery would be performed at Children's hospitals by childrens surgeons, but there simply are not enough of either...but in general, the pediatric surgeon is the most qualified to do the case, though some cases are very high risk.
Risks. Of surgery depends on many factors. Pediatric surgery done by qualified pediatric surgeons carries same risks as adult surgery. .

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How safe is pediatric arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

Very safe. Shoulder arthroscopy is quite safe, even in kids, though it is quite rare that they would require shoulder arthroscopy. The few that we are unable to wait for, usually do quite well. Read more...