Can atherectomy replace a vein bypass for lower leg artery disease treatment?

Peripheral artery dz. You need to discuss your disease with your vascular surgeon. The choice of procedures depends on the anatomy of your problem and your physiology, none of which is present here. Atherectomy can sometimes be used in peripheral arterial disease.

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Can atherectomy one day replace vein bypass for lower leg artery disease treatment?

Unlikely . This would be unlikely , however disruptive technologies are always appearing. Atherectomy, as currently performed, is not done in veins due to high risk of perforations. Read more...

How successful is a vein bypass for lower leg arterial disease?

Depends on details. Vein bypasses with greater saphenous vein of high quality have generally good success. But this depends on details. You must combine a high quality operation with good wound care, especially in patients with diabetic wounds. Without good wound care and optimal medical management, some patients can still lose their leg even with an "open" bypass. Read more...