Coughing for months. Dr said either asthma or allergy/environment. Been on flovent inhaler for 4 wks, cough still present. Would this rule out asthma?

Cough and asthma. Not necessarily. You could still have Asthma. It depends on the dose of the inhaled steroid. You will need to be allergy tested. You doses will need to be adjusted. Good luck. Feel better.

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Dr says cough is either allergies or asthma. Been on Flovent inhaler for 6 wks and cough still present. No other symptoms. Does this rule out asthma?

Cough. yih might want to check if there is allergy triggers, like cats or dogs or something in the room that triggers allergies. Next step is to increase Flovent dose or add long term beta agonist like advisor, or dulera or symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) . Read more...