Could diazepam be detected in a urine drug screen if I have been taking clorazepate as well?

Yes, same metabolite. Both diazepam and clorazepate have a common metabolite oxazepam, but each also has other metabolites unique to each compound. Also, both medicines have very long half-life and so can stay in your system for quite awhile. Be safe and be good. Good luck.

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Will taking a pseudophed 30mg/day affect a urine drug screen?

Possibly. You may screen positive for amphetamines. This is a false positive test. Confirmation testing by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry helps show that its pseudoephedrine and not amphetamines. Read more...

Could use your help docs! My brothers on probation and recent failed a urine drug screen. He has struggled w addictions for the longest?

Hitting bottom. To get clean ; sober it's said one must hit bottom. Ppl think that means something really bad must happen. But some ppl have really bad things happen ; keep using. Bottom isn't what happens, but the emotional realization that it isn't working, that it's too painful to go on using. You can't keep yr bro sober ; you can't do anything to make him use. Al-anon mtgs help family of alcoholics, try it! Read more...