Is there food I can eat to get my kidneys working again?

No. No, but certain diets are less likely to hurt the kidneys. In diabetics with poor sugar control are more likely to have renal progression to dialysis than those with good sugar control. So, i highly recommend adhering to an ada diet.
No. There are some foods to avoid, but not any to help. Consult with a dietician who is informed about kidney disease, who can tailor a diet program for you.
Kidney injury. What is the cause of the kidney injury? Typically a food is not a recovery agent for kidney failure.
Work with a doctor. It is very important that you work with a doctor and nutritionist to monitor your kidney function and personalize your eating plan. Here is a good website with some general advice: http://www.Davita.Com/kidney-disease/diet-and-nutrition/lifestyle/top-15-healthy-foods-for-people-with-kidney-disease/e/5347.
No. No certain foods protect or heal the kidneys. It would be wise to monitor or manage diabetes and blood pressure to protect the kidneys as these are common diseases that damage our kidneys. Also, certain medications should be monitored for worsening kidney function such as nsaids.
No. While no foods improve kidney function, avoidance of some foods can be helpful. Talk to your doctor or a dietitian for tips for a diet that will not harm your kidneys.
No. Although there are no specific foods to "get the kidneys working again, " some foods are worse for the kidneys than others. In addition to the sugar/diabetes mentioned by my colleague, one should also avoid excessive protein and salt as these can further damage the kidneys.