Can I buy librium, chlordiazepoxide, or buprenorphine online?

Not legally. All of the above are controlled substances. Buprenorphine is even more controlled: the md should have a special license. Look at www.Suboxone.Com - they have a list of providers licensed to prescribe this medication.
Not legally . Those drugs are controlled substances and they are available only with a perscription. If you have a legally obtained perscription you may be able to fill your prescription using an online pharmacy but you will need to send the original perscription to them.
SERIOUSLY?!? Think about this seriously before you act. You can get anything on line but is it even real? Probably not and the fake stuff can hurt or kill you. These are highly controlled substances and should be used with caution and with a real physician prescribing them for legitimate reasons. Get help before you get hurt please! a lot of information about raids on fake drugs from overseas .

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What medication do drug addicts use to detox off drugs besides librium and buprenorphine, ?

See below. The answer depends on what drug they are detoxing off of. I am assuming you mean off of opioids. Methadone would be another option. I have given patients Clonidine patches to help with the side efffects of withdrawl. Read more...
The kitchen sink. Suppose you mean from opiates/narcotics...Clonidine, ssri's, snri's, tca's, antiepileptics, antispasmodics, non-steroidals, non-bzd and rarely bzd sesative-hypnotics, atypical antipsychotics, vitamins and homeopathic remedies can all be tried. Some try low dose naltrexone. But medications alone are not the answer. Its a war, you send in all the branches. Medication is just one of them. Read more...