Chronic diahrea, mucus in stool, urgent and frequent bowel movements, abdominal pain. Colonoscopy normal and healthy. IBS?

This may be IBD. mucus and diarrhea is usually a phenomenon of inflammation of bowel. The colonoscope is designed to examine the colon for tumor and can reach terminal ileum but can visualize above it. A camera pellet swallowed can visualizse the entire small bowel to determine if there is inflammation of SB. If symptoms persist the GI physician should evaluate small bowel.

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Mucus in stool stool is yellow movement in abdomen pain all over but mostly upper left abdomen and lower right. What could this be?

Many things. Denise, your symptoms could be several things from infection with virus or bacteria, food poisoning, inflammatory bowel disease, parasitic infection...the list is extensive. Best to see your healthcare provider for evaluation. Sorry I could not give you a more focused answer but the list is very long of what this could be. Best of luck. Dr R. Read more...