How much is chin liposuction surgery?

$1500-5000 (estimate. Thr price of surgery will vary tremendously based on extent, time, facility technology, operating room, anesthesia, supplemental procedures ( chin implant) etc, having said that it will range from $1500-5000.
It all depends. The cost for chin liposuction will vary depending on the the doctor and the setting. Lowest prices will be for having the procedure performed under local in the office, so you will be awake. Surgery center, anesthesiologist = higher cost but may be safer. The most expensive liposuction is the one that deforms, and needs correction. Primarily, seek a good doctor, not a low price.
Varies. Cost of surgery will very depending on exactly what is planned, the specific surgeon who is performing the procedure, and even by geographic region. Do your due diligence when selecting plastic surgeon; do not base this selection on cost concerns primarily.
Cost of chin lipo. The big factor in this specific example , chin liposuction, is whether you have the procedure under local anesthesia or IV sedation. The procedure should take ~ 1 hour . The surgical fee may be ~ $1000 , but if you have IV anesthesia, this adds another ~$700 to the cost. Having it under local usually just incurs a small 'local case' fee ~ $250. However, this is just a rough estimate.